High season?

I get around 5 job offers a day, mostly sad intranet userless “maintainance and development” where anybody able to write forms in JSF/Struts 1 would do – not my cup of tea. Recently however I have received a call from a technical recruiter from one of the polish companies (which was present at Confitura) and.. we actually had a nice talk. Not only did my interlocutor ask about SOLID, but he knew about threads! And memory flushing with volatiles plus he has read Java Concurrency in Practice.. “the” book for Concurrency in Java for the past few years. And he heard about Java Memory Model! I was pleasantly surprised with the person’s level and attitude. And I really wish more organisations would do such things, it would definitely improve the overall feelings many share towards any form of “employee seekers”.

Author: ags


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