After jdd 2k12

Once again, I’ve been to JDD.
Sixth time out of seven (I like saying I’ve been to all Krakow editions, since 2nd took place far from the city centre).
This year’s event started with mine and Marcin Sawicki‘s Jenkins and Continuous Delivery workshop. We wanted to show how and where to use Jenkins for the greater good and world peace.
Judging from feedback, we succeeded. Even though faulty network forced us to change plans and improvise a bit.

On Thursday, I’ve visited almost all the lectures I wanted. “Catcher in the Code” by Paweł Badeński, a noteworthy talk about telling a story with code. I really admire the way in which Paweł talks from such a huge perspective. Before that was Jarek Pałka’s “Deconstruction of Architecture”. It’s obvious Jarek experiences the same
pain I express as “I hate computers”. Another good thing to see.

I also enjoyed MetaYoda‘s Meta Cloud Architecture talk.
As much as it contained more than a few buzzwords, it didn’t put me off, especially as I had a conversation
with the speaker on the next day.

Then came Friday, day during which I talked in the lobby more and visited talks less.
The only talk I’ve seen in full was “Git Happens” by Jessica Kerr.
I’ve presented Git the previous year (together with Konrad Malawski),
but IMHO Jessica’s way was a bit more interesting, even though it explained basics. In a lively (jumping!), colourful way,
which maybe is what a git talk should include.

It was a good conference. Lots of interesting people met, some very solid talks, all very inspiring.
I definitely enjoyed it and will try to come next year as well. 🙂

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