So.. you’d like to hire?

  1. What salary range are we discussing?


  1. What’s your dress code: do you wear casual clothes, business casuals, suits or does nobody care as long as it’s not revealing? What about spring/summer – are tshirts/shorts/sandals ok?
  2. What is the typical hardware setup for development – I love to work with 2 big screens (NOT a notebook + screen), with a powerful development machine, either a notebook w/ docking station or a powerful (>=4 core, >=8GB RAM) desktop. What’s yours?
  3. Which java version, frameworks, servers?
  4. I love using IntelliJ IDEA, is it a problem?
  5. Can I park my bike in a *safe* place? Next to my desk is ideal, next room probably as well.
  6. Is there a shower in the office?
  7. Which version control do you use, is it centralised (svn, perforce) or distributed (git, hg)
  8. What environment do you use for development (Windows or Linux or ..?) and deployment?
  9. What time do you start/finish work?
  10. Do you work in any ‘strange’ times – evenings, holidays, weekends?
  11. Do you do overtime? How much, how much is it paid, what’s the average overtime per month per developer?
  12. Which day of the month do salaries get transferred?
  13. Do you have a wiki? A library? Conduct internal trainings? Send people to trainings? Have a conference budget?
  14. Who chooses technologies used in projects? What role will my voice play there?
  15. Do you use a CI sever? Sonar?
  16. Who chooses technologies in the projects? How do you build them?
  17. What apart from java: groovy, scala, clojure, …?
  18. Can I work from home? Can I leave for a few hours and then make up for it later?

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