Dropbox or.. my 3*10^-2PLN

Here’s the use case: I’ve got a big load of pictures which I want to be able to work on using my desktop or notebook as I please.
Data transfer during such activity is minimal, limited to updating a relatively small catalogue file and (mostly) deleting files I reject. I’ve tried DropBox, it’s nice and does the job, but.. RAW files are big, and I usually end up with 20-30GB of data. Plus preview files, plus something.

What I could do is put them on a separate hard drive… but that’s slow. I tried – maybe an SSD external harddrive would do the job, but still, I would be limited by firewire/USB lags. And couldn’t easily benefit from multi-harddrive setup.
I decided to use the files locally, but put them into a cloud storage to do the rsyncing, but it sucks because I have to do it manually.

I don’t do my pictures on Linux, so having a Linux client is not required.

So.. dropbox: nice, simple, handles conflicts nicely plus does lan sync. Almost perfect, because price tag is higher than Google Drive.
Google Drive: I have it anyway with my gmail account, usually uploads are fast.
Problems? A few. Client hangs and needs to be restarted, doesn’t know what to do if the same file is being uploaded from two computers at the same time and does not do LAN sync.

So.. because it’s 5$/month, I’m staying with Google Drive. Does the job, even though I have to let it upload from a single source for a day.

Maybe they fix it.. 😉

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