The best Confitura I have been to so far.

Great people, amazing atmosphere, tons of prizes, interesting quizzes, sponsors with capable and very approachable people at booths.. with technical things to talk about!

Confitura has always been a “family” conference to me, meaning: I spent a lot of time in the corridors talking. but this year.. I’ve been to most of the talks. The only talk I couldn’t stand and left after 5 minutes, was “Patters”, which wasn’t, nicely put, approachable.

But then.. Akamai and their keynote. It was the first US-based company presentation that included a slide with the globe centered on Europe. Plus their attitude towards DDOSes – nice, very nice 🙂

News of the day: Waldek Kot znowu nadaje. This was the first presentation since long in which I’ve actually been looking forward to an “About me” slide. On top of that, the code samples were good, live coding worked.. well, classy Waldek is classy! Then Jakub Nabrdalik with Tomek Przybysz – engaging ping pong and good content up to grails intro. Tomek Nurkiewicz’s “if avoidance” had some good, real-life examples of bizzare things. Bizzarre up to the 45th level, as in 45-level polynomial instead of a 6-branch if. First reaction: huge WTF! Imagine finding such “treasure” in the codebase. I’d be off cycling in no-time. Then me with “Continuous Delivery”, slides are on SlideShare.

And then, the closing keynote. Then the most hilarious talk I’ve heard since “The Diabolical Developer”. At least comparable – full of energy, strong emotions, bias and mocking people who just learnt 3 annotations from Hibernate, became promoted and apply to a company that actually cares about code. The reactions were very mixed, but I enjoyed the talk and, well, agree with at least half of it.

Once again, the best Konficzer I’ve been to!

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